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About Titanium

Founded in 2006, the group company specializes in the production oftitanium materials and titanium products. The factory is a high-tech enterpriserecognized by the state. It is located in Baoji City (China Titanium Valley), covering an area of 42000 square meters. The company has built a production line for smelting, forgingand machining of non-ferrous metals such as titanium and titanium alloy, withan annual production capacity of 2000 tons of melting and casting, 30000 tonsof forging and 6000 tons of machining. It can produce more than 50 kinds oftitanium and titanium alloy products in three categories of titanium materials,titanium products and titanium equipment, mainly including ingot, rod, block,cake, ring, tube, plate, wire, special-shaped forgings, standard parts andtungsten, molybdenum, zirconium, niobium, titanium alloy Nickel, tantalum, hafniumand other rare metal products.

Titanium materials
Titanium plate/sheet
Titanium rod/bar
Titanium ingot
Titanium tube
Titanium  cake
Titanium ring
Titanium wire
Titanium cube
Titanium powder
Titanium fasteners
Titanium casting and forging
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Titanium Applications


Titanium is a strategic resource material of a country. It hasexcellent properties such as oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, highstrength, high temperature and low temperature resistance, low density, goodheat exchange and so on. It is known as "aviation metal". It is thethird metal after iron and aluminum. It is widely used in aerospace, navalships, chemical industry, petroleum drilling and production, industrial products,medical supplies and so on, The application of titanium is gradually movingtowards the civil market, such as building materials, titanium dailynecessities, sports equipment and so on.

Warships &ships
Chemical industry
Oil drilling and production equipment
Medical apparatus &instruments
Articles for daily use
Construction & tourism industry
Sports equipment
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Application scenarios
Customized Processing

Ordering processing
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