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Titanium applications

Titanium is a strategic resource material of a country. It has excellent properties such as oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, high temperature and low temperature resistance, low density, good heat exchange and so on. It is known as "aviation metal". It is the third metal after iron and aluminum. It is widely used in aerospace, naval ships, chemical industry,petroleum drilling and production, industrial products, medical supplies and soon, The application of titanium is gradually moving towards the civil market,such as building materials, titanium daily necessities, sports equipment and so on.

Titanium aerospace products: engine frame, skeleton, skin, cabin door, wing structure,landing gear, etc;

Titanium warship products: titanium alloy materials are used for pressure hull, hullstructure, pipes, valves, accessories, power drive device, heat exchanger,condenser, sonar dome, etc;

Titanium chemical industry products: mainly used in chlor alkali industry, soda industry, vacuumsalt industry, petroleum fiber, fine chemical industry, inorganic salt andother industries.

Specific applications include titanium evaporator, titanium preheater, titanium cooler,heat exchanger, shell, pipe, flange, valve, elbow, turbine, alkali pump, etc,

In other industries, titanium dioxide and titanium materials are used in film concentrator, calciner feed pipe, centrifugal distributor, urea converter lining, ammonia stripper and other facilities and equipment.

Titanium oil drilling and production products: drill pipe, production pipe, pipeline,valve, joint, heat exchanger, pump box valve pipe, accessories, manhole, etc;

Titanium medical products: bone and joint substitutes, dental implants, skull repair implants, cardiovascular implants, osseo integration implants, spinal implants;

Titanium civil products:

1.Daily necessities: titanium tableware, titanium cup, titanium glasses, titanium watch, etc;

2.Sports equipment: titanium bicycle, titanium football helmet, titanium golfclub, titanium badminton, etc;

3.Building materials: curtain wall, roof, wall, bridge, undersea tunnel,pipeline, sculpture, characteristic building, etc.

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Warships &ships
Chemical industry
Oil drilling and production equipment
Medical apparatus &instruments
Articles for daily use
Construction & tourism industry
Sports equipment
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