Petroleum Equipment Supply

Titanium Supply And Customized Processing

Hydraulic Product

Hydraulic cylinder, cylinder;

BOP lifting device (hydraulic pneumatic);

Hydraulic operating system (high pressure medium pressure low pressure);

Hydraulic station;

Hydraulic disc brake device;

Hydraulic cathead;

Hydraulic winch;

Rig mobile equipment;

Power swivel

Customized products

Application scope: petroleum, railway, mining, metallurgy, coal, machine tool and other industries.

Mud pump and accessories

F series mud pump products: F-500, f-800, f-1000, F-1600, F-2200HL;

Full set of accessories supply: F series, P series, PZ series mud pump.

Wire Rope

Product range:cover φ 1.8mm- φ 260mm ,

All kinds of point and line contact wire rope, compacted strand wire rope, single strand wire rope, sealed wire rope, profiled strand wire rope and cable type wire rope;

Product feature: high tensile strength, good wear resistance, stable operation at high speed; It can transfer long-distance load, has large bearing capacity, is safe and reliable, has good flexibility, has coating on the surface, has good corrosion resistance, relatively small volume, and is easy to transport;

Application: widely used in metallurgy, machinery, construction, shipping, transportation, mining, oil, marine engineering, large venues and other industries and projects;

Qualification: API, CE, LR, ABS, BV, DNV, Kr, GL, CCS and other classification society factory accreditation and Ma, Ka product certification.


Product range: diameter 6-570mm,

Splicing rigging, pressing rigging, casting rigging and endless loop rigging;

Features: safety, diversity, high strength, flexible connection mode;

Application: widely used in lifting, mining, engineering, bridge, stadium construction.

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