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Ceramic cylinder liner
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Application & Feature

1.Product application:

ceramic cylinder lineris composed of metal jacket and high wear-resistant ceramic lining. It is usedin the field of offshore and onshore oil drilling andexploration aftermechanical processing and hot assembly. It is very in line with the demand ofmajor oil fields and drilling companies to reduce procurement and operationcosts under the current situation of low oil price. The market prospect is verybroad.

2.Product features:

ceramic cylinder linerhas the characteristics of high strength, high fracture toughness, largespecific gravity, wear resistance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, acidand alkali resistance, anti-static and super smooth surface, which can be usedin extremely harsh environment. Its service life is usually more than 10 timesof that of bimetal cylinder liner, up to 4000 ~ 10000 hours, with high costperformance and strong market competitiveness.





bulk density(g/cm3)


Bending strength(Mpa)


fracture toughness(Mpa,M 1/2)


Rockwell hardness(HRA)




compressive strength(Mpa)


Wear resistance(cm3)


Thermal shock resistance


Service life(H)


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