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Titanium application in chemical industry

Titanium chemical industry is applied in the following aspects:

1、 Industry: mainly used in chlor alkali industry, soda industry, vacuum salt industry, petroleum fiber, fine chemical industry, inorganic salt and other industries.

2、 Main products: titanium evaporator, titanium preheater, titanium cooler, heat exchanger, shell, pipe, flange, valve, elbow, turbine, alkali pump, etc,

3、 In other industries, titanium dioxide and titanium materials are used in film concentrator, calciner feed pipe, centrifugal distributor, urea converter lining, ammonia stripper and other facilities and equipment.

Examples of products in various industries:

1. Chlor alkali industry, titanium metal anode and titanium wet chlorine cooler;

2. Petrochemical industry, all kinds of heat exchangers, reactors, high pressure vessels and distillation columns, etc;

3. In metallurgical industry, titanium is also an important alloy additive in steel-making, aluminum smelting and other industries;

4. In chemical fertilizer industry, titanium is used as the main equipment in urea production;

5. Cooling pipe used as heat exchanger in power industry and thermal power plant;

6. Used as spinneret in papermaking and textile industry, bleaching equipment in papermaking industry, synthetic fiber industry, etc.

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